Nail art: Road signs

You can also read this post in both Dutch and English on my main blog here:

I had enough time to film a manicure, so today’s nail art will be shown in a video! I have also made photos, of course, so there’s also that and some text below the video, for whoever can’t or doesn’t want to watch the video 😉

This week’s theme is road signs. Dutch road signs, seeing as I live in the Netherlands. Are they the same abroad? They probably are, it’d be confusing otherwise. I don’t know 😛 In any case, I’m currently taking driving lessons, so I thought it’d be a suitable theme. Also, it’s pretty simple. As long as you don’t pick complicated road signs, that is 😉

Sinful Colors – Rise & Shine

I’ve started out with a green nail polish by Sinful Colors, named Rise & Shine. They call it a matt polish, but… Well, I guess the photos say enough? I do actuallu prefer it as it is, rather than how it would have looked if it actually were a matt polish. It’s a deep green colour with green micro shimmers in it. Rise & Shine is easy to apply and dries quickly.

The road signs were done in acrylic paint, first one layer of white, then I painted them in with colours. One advice; don’t do a stop sign. They’re difficult 😛

Finish it off with a layer of top coat, and the nail art is done!

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