NOTD: Red and textured stripe

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For this week, I did a red NOTD, because I felt like having red nails 😉 Moreover, I hadn’t yet properly tried the new Hello Autumn collection nail polishes by Essence, so this seemed like a good moment to use the red one in a manicure.

So, I’ve started out with the red Essence nail polish named Beauti-FALL Red. Indeed, it’s a beautiful dark red colour, and perfect for autumn/fall! It covers in two layers, and is nice and shiny. It’s also a thermal nail polish, although I do have to admit that it’s not very obvious. The tips of my nails (cooler than the rest of the nail) are a bit darker than the rest of them. It’s subtle, but fun nonetheless.

For the stripe, I used a nail polish with structure in it, another red one by Essence. This one is called ‘Me and my Lover’, and has tiny golden glitters in it. I think it looks lovely, but I just don’t use it often enough really. To prevent ruining the sparkle sand effect, I didn’t apply any topcoat. Which also means that this mani takes even less time 😉

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