Nail art: Black Magic (video)

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This week’s nail art was inspired by how they usually portray black magic in cartoons. With purple and glitter. Well, purple and glitter also happen to be two of my favourite things, so that’s why I made a nail art of it 😉

China Glaze – Liquid Leather (out of focus, sorry)

Black seemed a suitable background colour, so I started out with the nail polish Liquid Leather by China Glaze. A shiny and beautiful black nail polish, which almost covers in one single layer. I applied 2, simply because the nail polish looks its best then, and I feel like it lasts longer that way.

OPI – Serious Sparkle

Then on to the magic! To start off with, I made a stripe of glitter on every nail. Any glitter polish will do, so just pick one you happen to like. I chose to use the nail polish Serious Sparkle by OPI.

Then it was time to add the purple. For that, I used acrylic paints and a thin and flat nail art brush. One point of the brush got dipped into white paint, the other point into purple. And then I used it to outline the glitters. It sounds more complicated than it is 😉

To finish it off, I added a rhinestone to each nail, followed by a layer of topcoat. And then the manicure is done!

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1 Response to Nail art: Black Magic (video)

  1. Craftynail says:

    Serious Sparkle looks really cool!

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