NOTD: Blue, blue and glitter

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I wanted to have blue nails this time. Which was the entire inspiration for this NOTD 😛 I had red nails before that, so I thought it’d be nice to step over to the other side in terms of colour. That’s sort of standard for me, I want to wear a cool toned colour after I’ve worn a warm colour for a while. Same goes for wearing a pale colour after wearing dark colours for a while. That keeps things refreshing, right? 😉

I’ve started out using Sexy In The City, by China Glaze. That’s a very pretty blue colour, which has a shimmery finish. It almost looks green in the right lighting, and it’s easy to apply. The only downside it has, it that it doesn’t cover very well. So I used three layers to get it perfect for this NOTD. However, the China Glaze bottles are so big, that I don’t really mind having to use some extra nail polish

Using the matte nail polish Savage, by Sinful Colours, I made a stripe on each nail. For that, I used a striper brush. The matte finish is contrasting nicely with the shimmery colour underneath it, although the colour keeps it subtle. And to finish it off, I also used a dotting tool to apply some dots onto each nail. Essence’s Hello Holo was perfect for that, it’s so nice and sparkly 🙂

I purposely didn’t apply any topcoat, because that would’ve undone the matte finish of Savage.

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