Nail art: Purple Galaxy (video)


Galaxy nail art… It’s still seen a lot, and I still love them! I do happen to love all galaxy print, I even have a galaxy theme on Firefox. So I thought it’d be fun to base a nail art on that theme! This nail art is also very easy to make, by the way, which is always nice 😉


As a base colour, I’ve used Steel My Heart, a nail polish by Catrice. It’s basically my go-to nail polish for Galaxy nails, as it has a beautiful dark shade of grey and a lot of really tiny holo glitters in it. The brush is also very nice to work with, and a clean up usually isn’t needed.

Steel My Heart covers in two layers, and has a sort of half matt finish. In this case, there’ll be another nail polish applied over it, so that won’t be visible in the finished mani.



Then I used a makeup sponge and some purple, white and dark purple nail polish to make the nebulas. And I also added some white dots, which are supposed to be stars. And to make it all look a bit more sparkly, I also added a glitter nail polish. Which is Fairy Dust, by China Glaze.





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1 Response to Nail art: Purple Galaxy (video)

  1. Elektra King says:

    I love this look! I’ve never done a galaxy nail art because for some reason I’m scared of it. But I really have to give it a try someday soon! 🙂

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