NOTD: Smokey pink

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Sometimes, I just want something simple yet fun. Glitter nail polish is always a good way to go in that case, it’s really just nail art in a bottle!

For this week’s NOTD, I used only two nail polishes (not counting the base coat). Perfect for when there’s not much time to paint nails, yet you do want something fun and nice on them!

P2 – Summer Lovin’

I’ve started out with Summer Lovin’, a nail polish by P2. Simply because I felt like having pink nails, and because I thought this nail polish would look good underneath glitters. It’s a nice fresh shade of pink, which I like the most in summer. But I’m still using it now anyway 😛

Summer Lovin’ is easy to apply, covers in 2 layers and has a normal drying time.

NYC – Rock Muse

For the smoky part, I used Rock Muse by NYC. It’s a sort of sheer black nail polish with silver glitters in it. I really like the effect it gives!

I applied it onto the entire ring finger nail, and on the other nails I only put it sloppily on the tips to get the sort of look that I wanted. This time, I didn’t use a top coat.

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2 Responses to NOTD: Smokey pink

  1. Emmy says:

    I prefer when it is applied on the tips rather than applying on the entire nail. I think its perfect for Halloween.

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