Nail art/review: Red with ice blue stamping pattern (using Born Pretty store image plate!)


Today, I’ve got a review for you, combined with a nail art tutorial!

I got a image plate from Born Pretty Store recently, with some really nice patterns. I actually barely ever use image plates, as I only had ones with small images. That’s why I really like the look of this one. It has large patterns that can easily be made into a full nail art! So I thought up a fun manicure with it, and got to work 🙂 Below the videos, you can find more about the image plate, and also a coupon code!



I’ve started out with a beautiful dark red colour, which is Merry Berry by China Glaze. Then (as soon as the two layers of Merry Berry had dried completely), I used the polish LuminICEnt by Color Club for the stamping part.



And then I suddenly remembered why exactly I’ve never tried very hard to think up some manicure ideas involving image plates… It never quite looks perfect without practice. And I simply find it easier to paint something freehanded.

The pattern with the stripes really doesn’t look bad, though. I think that this image plate can be used to create really cool nail arts! It offers enough different patterns, and they’re all very different from each other. Also, they’re deep enough in the plate so that they could certainly get very neat and pretty results. You can find the image plate here.

Do you want to try this image plate too, or are you looking for other nail art supplies? Below, you can find a coupon code for 10% off an order at Born Pretty Store! Also, Born Pretty Store is already 4 years old! To celebrate that, they’re having a nail art contest. Are you good at doing nail art? Then you can look here for more information 🙂







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