NOTD: Blood


Although I’ll also post a Halloween nail art (or maybe I already did, depending on how I’m going to plan this 😛 ), I thought it’d be fun to also make a simple look that would be good for Halloween. So for this week, I’ve done a NOTD in the colours black and red!


I started out with a black nail polish, which is Liquid Leather by China Glaze. Which is actually my only black nail polish. Black is just black, so I don’t really need more than one bottle of it. And Liquid Leather is simply perfect. It’s really shiny and covers in one single layer! If I want a manicure to last for a whole week, I usually apply two layers anyway. But for now, I kept it at one.


Then on to the red part! For that, I wanted to use a shiny red nail polish in a dark shade. So I chose Cranberry Splash, which is also by China Glaze. It’s important that the red nail polish covers well enough to be visible over the black base, and this one certainly does!

To make the drops, I simply put the brush onto the nail, left it for a few seconds and then dragged it down. And I also added some dots (again with the nail polish’s own brush), to really give it a blood-like effect 😉


Then I only had to add a layer of topcoat, and the NOTD is done!






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