Nail art/review: Halloween spider nail art with Born Pretty Store spider! (video)


It’s Halloween! So for today, I have a Halloween nail art for you 😉

I got some new items to review from Born Pretty Store, and amongst those are something that’s perfect for Halloween… Spiders! These are available in 3 colours, and I went for the red version. That one just seems the most awesome to me! You can find the spiders here. For the background, I did the most logical thing. A spider is supposed to have a web, so that’s what I did. I hope you like the nail art, and below the video you can read more about the spiders (and find a coupon code!) 🙂


For the background, I wanted something fun yet strange, one that would be suitable for Halloween. So I went for Frog In My Throat by OPI, which is a duochrome featuring gold and green. Which also makes for a nice contrast with the red rhinestones on the spider!

The spider web was done with white acrylic paint. It’s actually very easy to paint one, the trick is to not be too neat. A spider doesn’t measure everything out, and it doesn’t make any construction blueprints either 😉

Usually, I like to put topcoat over any loose decorations. But it would be rather unnecessary to drown the whole spider in topcoat. So I applied a layer of topcoat first, and then added the spider. That way, it immediately sticks to the nail!



I really love how the spider looks, and it’s also very easy to apply. Due to the flat bottom of the spider’s body and the short legs, it fits perfectly onto my nail! The set contains two spiders, so there’s one for each hand.

If you’re also enthusiastic about these spiders, you can find them here. And below, you can also find a coupon code, which can give you 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store! Also, Born Pretty Store is already 4 years old! To celebrate that, they’re having a nail art contest. Are you good at doing nail art? Then you can look here for more information 🙂






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