NOTD: Dark and nude ruffian mani accent nail


I wanted to do something simple, yet also something I don’t do that often. And so I ended up doing a ruffian mani. I actually don’t really like those on myself, and that’s exactly why I want to practice in doing them. Even if only as an accent nail 😉 Because I do think they look cool on other people!



I’ve started out with a dark colour, namely Chic Reloaded by Essence. That’s a beautiful duochrome between dark green and a sort of metallic pink shade which is difficult to describe. Either way, I really like and it’s very suitable for this time of year. Also, it covers in two layers.


Then I did a ruffian mani on one nail, using the nail polish Keep Calm & Go For a Walk from the Hello Autumn collection by Essence. It’d actually be best to use a nail polish that covers in one layer, but this one takes two. Which isn’t bad either, it just takes a little more time to dry 😉

And again, I actually like the ruffian mani less than just the plain nail polish… Maybe it’s because it didn’t turn out completely symmetrical? Or maybe ruffian manis just aren’t really my thing after all. I haven’t decided yet, so for now I’ll just keep practising at doing them 🙂 To make it just a little bit more ‘me’, I added three rhinestones to it.






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2 Responses to NOTD: Dark and nude ruffian mani accent nail

  1. Love this manicure you’ve done such a great job

  2. fivezero says:

    That Essence polish is gorgeous.

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