Nail art/review: Leopard and chains (using Born Pretty Store nail art chain!)


Leopard print, either you love it or you hate it. Personally, I like it, and it’s also one of my favourite nail art looks. And also, it’s really easy to combine with other things. For example, the nail art product that I’ll review for you today, a thin gold coloured chain by Born Pretty Store!

Make sure to scroll down too for photos of this nail art, as well as a coupon code to get 10% off an order at Born Pretty Store!


Gold can be combined with basically everything, so I wanted to use a nail polish that I don’t use that often. With over a hundred nail polishes (which I no longer count), there’s quite a lot of choice. So I went for Essence. Just because their nail polishes cover well and have a nice and wide brush.

The colour is Ciao Oliviero. I bought it because it’s such a weird colour. It makes me think of geese droppings. It’s so ugly that it’s almost pretty. And I love it 😛


As said, the leopard print is very easy to make. First, I used a dotting tool to make sloppy circle, using Liquid Leather by China Glaze. And then I used Essence’s My Fortune Cookie to give the inside parts of the circles some gold glitters.


And then it’s time to add it the chains! Which is also very easy to do. First, I cut off pieces of the chain that were the right size for this nail art. Then I made a stripe of top coat on the nail I was working on, and used tweezers to lay the piece of chain onto the nail. Then I carefully pressed it onto the nail using my fingers, and that’s it! Then, I also added a layer of topcoat, just to give the nail art some more protection.

One thing I really like about this chain, is that it’s really meant for nail art. It’s not too big or anything, and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the nail. It actually doesn’t weight anything, and it’s no more thick that a row of rhinestones would be. Very nice! And it also looks stunning in a manicure, I love it!

If you’re also interested in this chain or other variations (or other fun nail art items); you can find a coupon code below that’ll give you 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store!






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