NOTD: Green scales


This weeks NOTD is inspired by fish. And particularly their scales. It’s very easy to do, and has been done very often. So that’s why I’m doing it as a NOTD, and not as a nail art post 😉 But I do really like this look!



Seeing as I was only going to do one single accent nail, I did really want a nice colour for my other nails. So I decided to use a very pretty douchrome polish between green and gold, which is Frog In My Throat by OPI.

It’s the most beautiful when it’s hit by direct sunlight, it’s so glittery that it almost seems to glow then! However, unlike a real glitter nail polish, it is easy to remove 😉

Using a dotting tool, I made the scales on the bottom half of the accent nail. Using three different nail polishes, I started out on the centre of the nail and then worked down to the tip. If you’d do it from the tip upwards, the scales will lie in the opposite direction 😉

The nail polishes I used are Pistache and Rise & Shine, both by Sinful Colors, and also Go Bold! by Essence (that’s the golden one).


Then I finished it off with a layer of topcoat. I actually like this way more than I had expected, so I’ll definitely go for this look more often!







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1 Response to NOTD: Green scales

  1. Alice says:

    Love it!!! Love the base color used and love the design. Love the color of that too.

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