Nail art: Autumn leafs (video)


It’s really autumn weather here, so it’s time for an autumn nail art! Things that make me think of autumn, are toadstools and fallen leafs (or is it leaves?). Last year, or the year before that, I already did a toadstool manicure, so this year I’m doing a leaf manicure instead!

The idea I had for it, was inspired by one of those beautiful autumn days. Cold yet sunny, with a clear blue sky. And then add in the warm colours of the fallen leafs… Those days really are my favourite kind of autumn days!


As a background colour, I wanted a soft blue nail polish. And so I found out that I don’t have any pale blue nail polish with a crème finish. Time to buy more nail polish 😛 Luckily, I do have another blue one that is perfect for autumn manicures, which is Cinderella by Sinful Colors.

Cinderella is pale blue, but it also has very tiny orange/pink flakies in it. The warm hue of those fits perfectly with the autumn leafs that’ll be painted on the nails later! It covers in 3 layers.


Then I moved on to the leaves, for which I used acrylic paint. I first did the outline in brown, then filled that in. And once that had dried, I used the brush and a lot of water to dab in the other colours. Lastly, I used dark grey to paint the veins of the leaves.

I finished it off with topcoat, and then the manicure was done!





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