Swatch: Yves Rocher nail polish ‘Violine’


I actually barely ever post swatches, unless they’re of a special nail polish. This one, the nail polish in question is one from a brand of which I didn’t yet own any nail polishes, namely Yves Rocher!

Body lotion, shower gel, face products… Most of the product I use of those things are by Yves Rocher. But in terms of makeup, I actually only have 2 Yves Rocher mascaras, a lipstick and 2 lipglosses. And none of their nail nail polishes. Honestly, I always only encounter those really small bottles, and I also rather go for very cheap or for ‘well known’ nail polish brands. So I mostly have a lot of Essence and NYC. Brands such as China Glaze, OPI and A-England are also some of my favourites. But since I didn’t yet have any Yves Rocher nail polishes, I finally ordered a bottle so I could try it out.

All photos were, of course, taken without a topcoat, to show the nail polish as it is. I did wear basecoat underneath it, to protect my nails.


The bottle really is very tiny, it only contains 3ml. I don’t actually mind that, colours never seem to run out with me anyway because I use so many different ones. But I don’t really like how tiny and narrow the brush is. It’s workable, I didn’t have too much trouble painting my nail nicely. But it does take significantly more time than it would have when using a larger brush, and I just don’t always have the time for that.


As you can see above, the nail polish covers pretty well in one single layer. In two layers, it covers perfectly and it looks it’s best that way too. The metallic finish reminds me of the colour of a car’s paint job, not shimmery yet more noticeable than a nail polish with a crème finish. And the drying time isn’t bad either, so that’s good. Especially since the painting itself takes longer 😉


I absolutely love the colour, such a deep shade of purple and with that metallic finish… Wow! The only thing that does stop me from buying more Yves Rocher nail polishes, is how tiny the bottles are. If they ever come up with larger bottles, then I would definitely add more Yves Rocher nail polishes to my stash!






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