Nail art: Lava lamps! (video tutorial)


Once again, I had no idea what sort of nail art I wanted to do. So I looked around in the attic (which is my working space), and the first thing that seemed like a good idea was my lava lamp!

I really love lava lamps, they’re just so awesome. Futuristic, yet retro, and it’s really fun to watch the bubbles when it’s switched on. I have one with red ‘lava’, but they exist in all kinds of fun colours. So I grabbed a bunch of nail polishes, and made this nail art 🙂


As base colours, I used nail polishes that are either somewhat sheer, or have a pale colour. From thumb to little finger, I used: Diamond Cosmetics – Racing Orange, China Glaze – Sexy in the City, Sinful Colors – Pistache, Sinful Colors – Let’s Meet, Sinful Colors – Daredevil.

All of these nail polishes look best in either two or three layers, but I applied two layers of each colour. The order they’re in is random, although I did later realize that the two shimmery nail polishes (Sexy in the City and Let’s Meet) aren’t next to each other. Which I like, so I’m glad it turned out that way 😉



For the bubbles, I used a dotting tool and the nail polishes: China Glaze – Merry Berry, Sinful Colors – Savage, Sinful Colors – Rise & Shine, NYC – Lexington Yellow, Essence – Free Hugs.

The lava lamp pattern is very easy to do, because the bubbles in a lava lamp aren’t perfectly round. Also, they come from a layer of ‘lava’, which I made on the tips. Simple, yet very fun to make! A layer of topcoat, and the nail art is done!






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