NOTD: Misty with shimmers


It’s still Autumn (as I write this), and I just realized that I hadn’t yet used one of my favourite autumn nail polishes this year! Which is very bad, of course, so I immediately grabbed it for a NOTD 😉 It ended up as a nice and simple look, polished nails with one extra shimmery accent nail. Honestly, I just didn’t want to cover up the base colour too much 😛


This is the nail polish I was talking about; For The Twill Of It, by Essie. I think it was part of an autumn collection a few years back. In any case, it’s a beautiful colour, a multichrome featuring purple, blue-ish green and silver. And it also has a very pretty shimmery finish. It actually makes the nail polish look misty, somehow. It’s as if there’s a thin layer of mist over the actual colour of the nail polish. Very special, and I think it’s gorgeous!

For The Twill Of It covers perfectly in two layers, and dries very quickly.


For the extra shimmery nails (I was planning on only doing one at first, but ended up preferring two), I applied a layer of Crystal Beading, by Sally Hansen. This nail polish consists of an almost clear base with a lot of tiny pale shimmers and very small blue-ish green glitters in it. It actually gives a nice effect over almost any nail polish, but I really love how it looks combined with For The Twill Of It!


Then I finished it off with a layer of topcoat, and the NOTD was done!






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1 Response to NOTD: Misty with shimmers

  1. Judy says:

    I prefer the one with shimmers but it is also oaky without the shimmers. Overall, its a very pretty nail color.

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