Nail art: Flaming forest (video)


Finally! A nail art with an actual name, rather than a very short description 😛

By now, it’s rather cold outside, so I was in the mood for a warm and dark coloured nail art. Preferably something with a lot of shine and/or glitter, because I think that suits with the cold autumn and winter weather. As far as I’m concerned, spring and summer are directly followed up by Halloween, Christmas and New-year’s. So as soon as it gets cold outside, I’m ready for the holidays and want to wear glitter 😉

For anyone who’s curious, the name of the nail art was mostly based on the name of the base colour.


As said, for this nail art I wanted a dark and warm colour. With glitters. And the first nail polish I thought of with that description, is Briarwood by A-England.

Not only does this nail polish have a gorgeous colour, the quality is also very good! Sadly, I only have 4 A-England nail polishes, because they’re not very cheap. But I definitely hope to be able to buy more in the future!




Green seemed like a good combination with Briarwood, so I made some green swirls using a narrow and thin nail art brush. The nail polish I used is Artful, by P2. That one covers well, which is important for this nail art. Swirls are difficult enough to make without having to go over it 3 times 😉 After that, I added some green glitter dots using Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors.

Then I added a layer of topcoat, and the nail art is done!






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5 Responses to Nail art: Flaming forest (video)

  1. These look amazing I love the colours they compliment each other so well

  2. Judy S says:

    This is indeed a very pretty one. Love the colors used and the design is fantastic. Great job!!!

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