Swatch: Sinful Colors – Rich at Heart


Sometimes, I encounter a nail polish that I instantly fall in love with. And usually, I immediately buy such a nail polish. In this case, however, a few days passed before I did so.

I spotted the nail polish on Monday, but didn’t buy it because I actually didn’t want to buy more nail polish. But I didn’t forget about the amazing colour, and I started regretting not buying it… So on Friday, I went back to the store to see if they still had it.

And yes, they did! So I did buy it that time, of course 😉 The nail polish in question is Rich in Heart by Sinful Colors.



Rich in Heart is a beautiful deep red colour, almost black. And the shimmers really make it special! I think it’s perfect for winter, such a gorgeous dark and warm colour. On the nails, it’s just as pretty as in the bottle!

The formula is also very nice. The nail polish is easy to apply and dries rather fast. I’m wearing two coats of it on all photo’s, and it covers perfectly like that. Also, it stays looking pretty for a good amount of time, it lasted 3 days on mine. Seeing as I work with my hands a lot, that’s definitely something! When using a topcoat over it, however, I think it could last for a week.


The Sinful Colors nail polishes are sold for €1,99 per bottle here in the Netherlands. So they’re very cheap! The bottles are nice and big, so they won’t run out quickly. This colour, however, is definitely my favourite for this season!





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1 Response to Swatch: Sinful Colors – Rich at Heart

  1. Ooo this isn’t one I’ve heard of its a pretty colour though

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