Nail art: Winter trees


This week’s nail art was actually my dad’s idea! As usual, I couldn’t think of anything useful to put on my nails, but I did know I wanted to do something appropriate for winter. So my dad suggested; ‘Bare trees!’. Which actually sounds like a good nail art idea!

So I gathered some dark nail polishes and a tube of black acrylic paint, and did these winter trees on my nails. And I also added some glitter, because that’s also part of winter, right? 😉


For the base colour, I wanted something that would remind of the red sky during sunset, but slightly darker. Almost instantly, the choice fell on one of my favourite nail polishes during autumn and winter, Torrid by Rimmel. A deep dark red colour. A bit of a Bordeaux-colour, really, with shimmers.

This is actually one of those nail polishes that I never touch during spring and summer, then come across again when winter is nearing, and then I always ask myself why I don’t use it more often. I still love this colour!


After the base colour, I made the tips of the nails dark green using Miss Universe, by Essence. This doesn’t have to look neat at all, it’s just supposed to be the ground that the trees will stand on 😉 Then I used black acrylic paint and a thin striper brush to paint the trees. With this background colour, the nail art is quite subtle. However, you can of course use a lighter base colour if you do want the trees to stand out more.

To finish it off, I put some glitter onto the nails without trees and also on the trees themselves, using Sinful Color’s Nail Junkie. Then I added a layer of topcoat, and the nail art is done!





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