NOTD: Fun French tips


I haven’t done any French manicures for a rather long time, and I felt like doing one right now! Moreover, my nails finally have a decent length now, so I wanted to make use of that before they might break again 😉

Anyhow, I’ve done a regular French manicure quite often already, so I wanted to do something different. Instead of white, I decided to do these Fun French tips, in an ombre from pink to purple!


It was rather late in the evening, so I needed the manicure to dry quickly. That’s why I only applied one layer of the base ‘colour’, which is a French Manicure nail polish by Miss Sporty. It makes the nails look just a little bit more fresh and bright, although that effect is stronger when applying two layers.



I did the French tips using regular nail polish, and the brushes that are part of the bottles. The nail polishes I used are: P2-Summer Lovin’, Etos-(?), Kiko-(?), Miss Sporty-(?) en A-England-Ophelia. A lot of nameless ones, coincidentally 😛 In any case, all these nail polishes cover well enough to only need one layer for a French tip, which is nice to work with.

Then I added a layer of topcoat, and the manicure was done!






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