NOTD: Winter is coming…


…Okay, winter has already started. Still, though 😛

Although we don’t always get snow, here in the Netherlands, I do think it’s an important part of winter. And each year, I end up painting ice crystals on my nails. However, not everyone has time to paint those things, and I actually didn’t have time for it this week either. So instead, I went for blue glitter, which is almost just as good 😉


I’ve started out with a pretty blue colour, this one is by Miss Sporty. Even though I do really like the colour and the brand itself (I used to buy Miss Sporty makeup and nail polish all the time as a child), I do have to admit that the quality of the nail polishes isn’t perfect. They don’t easily end up being fully smooth and shiny, and they barely ever cover perfectly in two layers.

Still, I do love to use them as a base for nail art, or to put glitters on top of!


I used this very beautiful nail polish by Sinful Colors to add glitter, it’s called Hottie. It has an almost clear base with a hint of blue in it, and pale glitters in different sized. It could remind of a snowstorm a little bit, right?


I made a sort of ombre effect by putting more glitter nail polish at the base of the nail than on the tips. I always like that just a little bit more than to have a thick layer of glitter over the entire nail. Well… I actually just feel like it’s a little bit less of an effort to remove it later 😉

Once that had dried, I finished off the nail art with some topcoat. And that’s it!






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