Nail art: Sweater pattern


By now, it’s really winter here. Cold weather! So I’m wearing sweaters again, and that inspired this week’s nail art. It’s very easy to do, but it does take some preparation time. In any case, this nail art will definitely help keep your nails warm 😉


I used Park Ave by NYC as a base colour. You can, of course, use any colour you like, and I wanted to go for a neutral coloured sweater.

Park Ave is one of those nail polishes that don’t really look special in the bottle. Even a little bit boring, actually. On the nails, though, I absolutely love the colour!


Then on to the sweater pattern! I simply made two braids of different colours, using some thin rope, and polished that with topcoat. Let it dry, then cut it into small pieces. And that’s how you can make your own nail art product!

Using even more topcoat, I glued the pieces onto the nails, and then applied another thick layer of topcoat over that. And then the nail art is already finished!






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