NOTD: Duochrome dots


Today’s NOTD was inspired by the base colour that I used for it. That happens to be a multichrome featuring silver, purple and green. So I added some green and purple dots, and that’s how I ended up with duochrome dots 🙂


The nail polish that I used as a base is Chic Reloaded, by Essence. A beautiful multichrome that covers in two layers.

Sadly, I do notice that this bottle is getting old, I’ve had it for about 2 years already. It’s starting to become a bit too thick, so it might be time to add in a few drops of nail polish thinner soon!



Using a dotting tool, I then added purple and green dots. They’re sort of going from purple to green. And I also thought it’d be fun to do different sizes of dots this time, as it gives a very different effect than same sized dots would have.

After that, I only added a topcoat. And then the NOTD was done!






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1 Response to NOTD: Duochrome dots

  1. Love these, the colours are fantastic and their so well done

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