Nail art: Nordic pattern


Winter also comes with the Nordic pattern. Those winter-like figures and patterns that I often see on winter boots and sweaters. I thought it’d be fun to try and do that on my nails!

I’m not sure whether or not I’ve actually tried this before, I might have. But in any case, I’m hoping I’ve gotten better at doing nail art by now 😉 So I grabbed a pretty nail polish and some white acrylic paint, and this is the result!


Seeing as I haven’t used any red nail polish in a while, I wanted to do a red base colour this time. And I chose Cranberry Splash, by China Glaze. That’s a beautiful fiery red nail polish with shimmers. Very suitable for winter!

Cranberry Splash covers in 2 layers and dries quickly.


The pattern itself was done with a striper brush and white acrylic paint. The easiest way to make the pattern, is to look up some samples and try to imitate those. Also, you can make it as difficult or as easy as you want/can, by adding more patterns or doing less instead. I kept it at average, as I can’t manage to do even smaller patterns 😉

Add a layer of topcoat, and the nail art is done!






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