Swatch: Maybelline Color Show ‘Bleached Blue’


A little while ago, I got some Maybelline nail polishes as a Christmas present. Most of them will be featured in a NOTD or nail art, but one of them is the kind of nail polish that I really like to try out on its own. Bleached Blue, a blue nail polish with large and tiny white glitters in it.



Bleached Blue is easy to apply. As you can see on the photos, it’s rather sheer in one layer, so it could easily be used as a topper over another nail polish colour! The big glitters seem to be a bit harder to ‘fish’ out of the bottle, but it’s really a coincidence. I did immediately have two of them on my other hand.

Luckily, the nail polish dries quickly, so the second layer was on there within a few minutes. Bleached Blue has a bit of a jelly finish in two layers, it’s not really sheer, but it doesn’t cover completely either. I especially like this kind of finish during summer, when the sun hits it just right.

I very much prefer this nail polish in 3 layers! Due to the jelly-like finish, the glitters in the lower layers stay visible. Which gives a really cool 3D-like effect. Also, I think the bright shade of blue of this nail polish also looks best in 3 layers.






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