NOTD: Green/pink/blue/black dotting pattern


Lately, I’ve been having lots of fun with dotting tools, so that’s also what I went for this time! And I also tried to use colour combinations that I wouldn’t usually choose, just for fun 😉


The base colour I used is Ciao Oliviero, by Essence. A camouflage green colour of which I have no idea why I like it so much. The colours is actually rather ugly, but the nail polish covers really well and is very shiny. And because of that, the colour does turn out to be rather special.


In the photos above, you can see in which order I put on the dots. What I usually do with patterns like these, is to just start somewhere and continue until it feels finished. So it’s actually just random 😉

The nail polishes I used are Free Hugs by Essence (pink), Liquid Leather by China Glaze (black) and a nameless turquoise one by Miss Sporty.


When all had dried, I added a layer of topcoat and with that the manicure was finished!







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1 Response to NOTD: Green/pink/blue/black dotting pattern

  1. Very beautiful, what do you think of essence?

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