Nail art: How I do tape nails (very simple tape nail art)


Tape nail art, I always use it as an easy solution for when I can’t think of anything else to put on my nails 😉 So for this week, I did a tutorial on how I do tape nails!



I started out with Orange Attack by Maybelline, a beautiful bright orange/red colour. I only applied one single layer of that, seeing as it’s best to not have to wait for ages for the base colour to dry, when doing a tape mani.

Then I added the tape. I always cut some pieces of tape before starting the manicure, simply because I find that easier. Just create some fun pattern and then apply the second colour. A contrasting colour will of course stand out the most, so I went for green. The one I used is Sally Hansen’s Green With Envy. And I also only applied one layer of the second colour.


The difficult part of tape nail art, is the decision of what would be the right time to remove the tape. The second colour shouldn’t be too wet (it’ll run out), but it also shouldn’t be too dry (it would tear). I always wait until it’s almost dry, yet still somewhat tacky. How to remove the tape is a matter of personal preference, I usually use a pair of tweezers.

Then all there’s left to do is to add a layer of top coat, and that’s it!




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