Nail art: Pink/red ombre with pattern


This week, I wanted to do something different, something without a specific theme. So I went for an ombre background with a pattern on it!


I wanted a nice combination of colours, that would also sort of be between winter and spring (slightly early for spring, but still 😉 ). So I went for the bright pink shade called Daredevil, by Sinful Colors. And then I added Merry Berry by China Glaze as the second colour, a beautiful deep red one.

First, I applied one coat of Daredevil, and gave that some time to dry. I always prefer to start out with the palest colour, simply because that usually works out best for me. Then, I used a sponge to make the ombre look. Merry Berry at the base of the nail and Daredevil at the tips.


Using white acrylic paint, I made the pattern of stripes. For the dots, I used White Tip by Sally Hansen and also the same two nail polishes that I used for the ombre base. For this whole pattern, the only two nail art tools needed are a striper and a dotting tool.

Lastly, I added a layer of topcoat, and then the manicure was done!






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