Swatch/review: Sally Hansen ‘Green Rocket’ (and new nail shape!)


This week, I’ve got a swatch post for you, all about a nice Sally Hansen nail polish that I happened to run into. It’s called ‘Green Rocket’ and consists of white and green glitters, which have different shapes and sizes.

Also, I have a different nail shape now! For quite some time, I’ve been keeping my nails squoval (between square and oval), and the edges always broke eventually. So, that happened yet again, and rather bad. Time for a new nail shape, they’re pointy now!

As it seems, it does actually differ per person what nail shape is the strongest one. Writing this, I’ve just returned from a working day as a mailman. And all my nails are still intact and without damage! Moreover, I realized I prefer pointy nail on myself rather than squoval ones, so I’m happy with the change to my nail shape 🙂


Okay, back to the nail polish 😉 Green Rocket is one of the Extreme Wear nail polishes by Sally Hansen, and also a glitter nail polish. Seeing as I don’t have that many glitter nail polishes yet, I just couldn’t resist this one. It has different sizes of circle glitters, in green and white. And also many thin white bars. Very divers! Moreover, I really like the colours for spring and summer.


Although this nail polish has a clear base, I really wanted to see it on its own. So I only applied base coat, and then applied two layers of Green Rocket.

This nail polish is easy to apply and dries quickly. I did dab some extra onto parts of the nails to get the glitters distributed evenly, but that’s usual for this type of nail polish. And I really like the result! I’ll definitely be using Green Rocket more often, so you might see it featured here in the future in a NOTD or nail art 🙂






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