Nail art/review: Cross nail art (using Born Pretty Store Gold Cross)


The previous time is quite a while ago, but I have another review for you of a nail art item from Born Pretty Store!

This nail art item is a set of two gold coloured crosses, which are perfect for a gothic nail art! So that’s what I did with them. As usual, you can see the tutorial (and review) in the video below 🙂


Black seemed the most logical choice for a background colour of a gothic nail art, so I used one of the Playboy nail polishes that I bought at a budget store recently. It covers really well! Almost perfect in one single layer, but it’s completely perfect in 2 layers. The drying time of this nail polish is about average.

By the way, I really like the finish of this nail polish. It’s not super shiny, but more like smooth plastic. Very cool!


Seeing as the crosses are gold, I also wanted to have some gold in the background. So I started out making gold lines in a random pattern, using Go Bold by Essence. It’s a very pretty cool gold nail polish.

Then I also wanted to have some more detail on the nails that aren’t going to have a cross, so I put some dots on them with Backstreet Brown by NYC. And lastly, I decided I wanted the dots to be circles instead, so I used the black Playboy nail polish to put a black dot in the centre of each gold one.



Seeing as I didn’t want to put top coat on top of the crosses, I applied that first and then added the crosses on top of that.

The crosses themselves are very beautiful and detailed, I really like them! A big plus is that they’re not flat but bended, so they easily fit to the nail. Due to their shape, a big part of them touches the nail so that they can be glued to them well. It is still an object that is on top of the nail, though, so I would recommend being careful with them. I’d be a waste to lose them, they can easily be used as many times as you want!

Here is where the crosses can be found. And you can also get 10% off of any order (not just the crosses), by using the coupon code FT10K31 .





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