NOTD: Ombre purple/lavender with glitters


This time, I only had a colour in mind, which was purple! So I did this purple/lavender ombre look 🙂


For the base colour, I used Break Through by Essence. That one has a very nice warm shade of purple. It covers nicely in three layers and dries quickly. I especially love how shiny it is! It contains barely visible shimmers, which are really only visible from very close. They’re easiest to spot when the nail polish is still wet.


As soon as the base colour had dried properly, I sponged on the ombre effect. The lavender colour is one by Maybelline, namely Iced Queen. Other than that, I also added glitter to the nails, using Grape Fizz by Revlon (which smells really sweet, like grapes).

And of course I also applied some topcoat, to (hopefully) have the manicure last longer 😉







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1 Response to NOTD: Ombre purple/lavender with glitters

  1. These are super beautiful, nice job 🙂

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