NOTD: Silver studs


Sometimes… I end up ordering boots of which I am honestly not sure if I need them. Or what I can possibly combine them with. Or if they’re even suitable to wear on the street. Recently, I ordered another pair of such boots… this time they’re silver tigh-high ones! And of course it always helps if at least the nails suit the shoes (or boots), so I decided to do a silver NOTD on the day that the boots arrived 😉


A little while ago, I bought a set of 5 Playboy nail polishes. One of those has already been featured in a nail art, another one is a glitter nail polish with a clear base. So that left 3 more nail polishes that I wanted to use as a base colour. Of course I chose the silver one for today, its name is Leila.

The drying time is quite long, but I do like how this nail polish looks. It covers in 2 layers and dries half-matte. It really reminds me of metal!



It seemed like a good idea to apply some silver studs as well. The downside to these ones (which I bought off Ebay) is that they’re actually slightly too large. They don’t lay flat on the nail, so it’s rather easy to get caught behind them. That’s why I applied an extra thick layer of top coat to the studded nails, while the other nails got a regular layer.






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