Nail art: Metallic flowers (using Playboy Velvet Party collection polishes!) (video)


I came across this Playboy nail polish collection at a Dutch budget store, which consists of multiple shades of grey. That reminds me of the book (awful), but luckily the nail polishes are much better! It’s called the Velvet Party Collection, and there’s also a red version available 🙂

I was already planning on doing a flower nail art today, so I decided to make that into a metallic flower nail art using this collection 🙂


I’ve started out with the grey colour in the collection, of which I applied 2 layers. It covers nicely, has a remarkably shiny finish and the drying time is about average.



Time for the nail art! For the flowers, I used a striping brush. First, I painted on the silver petals, and then moved on to the glittery ones. The black outline is optional, I added that to tie in the flower nails with the other nails. On the other nails, I did some dots and a stripe using dark grey and black nail polish.

Finish it off with a layer of top coat, and the manicure is done!






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