NOTD: True nail polish love (Essence ‘Let’s get Lost’)


This week’s NOTD was inspired by one single nail polish; Let’s get Lost by Essence. It’s been my favourite nail polish for many years, and I don’t expect that to change!

A long time ago, I started my nail polish collection with only two Essence nail polishes. Back when they were still in those old and tiny bottles. One of them was Choose Me! the other one… Let’s get Lost. Back then, I instantly loved it. No matter how many more nail polishes I bought, Let’s get Lost continued to be my favourite. Then, Essence released the new bigger bottles, and I bought a new bottle. I even made an instagram pic of that 😉

Let’s get Lost is also continued in the new ‘The Gel nail polish’ collection by Essence! So I’ll definitely buy another bottle, simply because even after years have passed, it’s still my absolute favourite!


All right, so I started out with Let’s get Lost, as you probably already understood 😉 It’s so gorgeous! This truly is the only nail polish that still makes me go ‘Wow!’ when I see it. Both on photos and in real life, this is nail polish love! I’m always instantly happy when I’m wearing this one on my nails (okay, happy is pretty much my default status, but still).

It covers the best in 2 layers, but it’s wearable in one. Also, it dries quickly and is nice and shiny!



I thought it’d be fun to paint hearts on my nails. Simply because I love this nail polish 😉 For that, I used white acrylic paint and a striping brush. Then, I added some loose glitters, using a dotting tool and top coat.

Then all there’s left to do is to add top coat to all the nails, and the manicure is done!







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