Nail art: Pink lace (vid)


Once again, I couldn’t think of anything original to do with my nails, so I looked around the attic. That’s how I encountered a piece of pink lace, which inspired this nail art!

All other things I just randomly decided to put on my nails during the filming of this nail art, and I actually like how it turned out 🙂


For the base colour, I had to chose between a dark or a pale colour. I decided to go for the pale colour, because I don’t paint my nails in a pale colour all that often. Moreover, I like how the pink lace looks against a white-ish background. I used Essence’s Sparkling Waterlily, a pearl colour.


Applying the lace is very easy. Just apply some topcoat to where you want the lace to be, press a piece of lace into it and then cut it to the right size. Then the corners can be pressed against the nail, and it’s done! To make the nails look more complete, I also added rhinestones and some dots to them. Some time ago, I did a review on the rhinestones, which can be found here.

Then all there’s left to do is to apply some topcoat, and the nail is finished.






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