NOTD: French tips with flower accent


I hadn’t done any French tips for some time, but I finally felt like my nails looked good enough for such a look!

This was the first time since cutting my nails into a pointy shape, that I’ve done a French mani. And I really like how it looks on pointy nails! To still give it something extra, I did add in an accent nail featuring some flowers 🙂


My favourite nude nail polish is still Vanity Fairest, by Essie. It’s so pretty, with those really tiny shimmers! I’m only wearing one single layer in the photo above, because I always like to do a French mani in sort of a sandwich method; nude first, then white tips, then nude again. That way, the result looks more natural to me.


Once that had dried, I used Sally Hansen’s White Tip for the white tips. Duh 😉 This nail polish is specifically meant for that purpose, and has a very narrow brush that helps to work more precise.

I did use two layers of White Tip, to get it perfectly opaque.



I did the flowers using the one-stroke method, with acrylic paint. I’m still practising on it, and also the yellow paint didn’t turn out to be as colourful as I hoped on the thumb nail. But I do actually like how they came out. In the centre of each of the flowers is a rhinestone.

As soon as the acrylic paint had dried, all there was left to do was to finish it off with top coat!






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