Swatch/review: Sinful Colors – Vacation Time


It doesn’t happen often that I encounter a nail polish in a colour that I don’t yet own. And those colours are always special in some way. Sometimes a good way, but sometimes…

Well, sometimes I come across a nail polish that looks rather like barf. So… of course I just have to take something like that as a challenge, and I have many NOTDs and nail arts planned with this polish. But for now; here’s a swatch/review of Vacation Time by Sinful Colors (which costs only €1,99).



I don’t have any complaints about the quality of this nail polish. Vacation Time is easy to apply, not too thick and not too thin. And it dries rather quickly. Moreover, it covers perfectly in one good layer, and looks nice and shiny! I did apply 2 layers, just because the manicure seems to stay on my nails for longer that way.

The colour… What shall I say about it. It’s sort of a weird shade of pink on the nails. Not exactly good-looking, but I do think it would be perfect for a vintage nail art. Or to go with an old-fashioned outfit.






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