Nail art: Purple leopard print (video)


This week, I felt like doing an easy yet fun nail art. So I went for a purple leopard print!

However, I wanted to do it different than usual. So I only did about half of each nail in a leopard print, just for fun 😉 And also because my nails currently look decent, which is a rare thing, so I wanted to keep at least a part of the manicure sheer.


I started out using the nail polish Sugar Pie Honey Bunch by Essence, a sheer nail polish with a purple undertone. Also, it smells like candy! Sweet 🙂 Seeing as it’s a sheer nail polish, I only applied one single layer of it.


For the nail art part, I also used Essence nail polishes. Not exactly on purpose, but just because I happen to have a lot of Essence nail polishes 😉 First, I gave some of the nails a sort of slanted French tip using Absolutely Blue. Which has more of a lavender colour, in my opinion. Along the border of that colour, I made a stripe using Holo Topping Please.

Then on to the leopard spots! Those were done with a dotting tool, Holo Topping Please and Break Through. All there’s left to do is to add some top coat, and then the nail art is done!







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