Nail art: Easter 2015!


As I’m doing this nail art, it’s still early in March… Too early to post an Easter nail art, so that’s why I didn’t post it until now. On the other hand, supermarkets here in the Netherlands have been selling chocolate Easter eggs since halfway through February, so it could’ve been worse 😉

In any case, I thought it’d be fun for this year to do the usual theme of bunnies and eggs, but to make it just a little bit more of a challenge for myself. So I did a field full of bunnies!


The background is supposed to represent the sky, but I did want to use a fun and shimmery nail polish. So I chose this duochrome nail polish by Essence, called Over The Rainbow. A beautiful shimmery polish, perfect for an Easter nail art!

Over The Rainbow is very easy to use and covers in 3 layers. However, I’m going to put something more on the tips anyway. So for this nail art, I kept it at two layers. For the grass, I used Sally Hansen’s Green With Envy and a fan brush.


For the bunnies (here in the Netherlands it’s actually hares, for Easter), I used acrylic paint. First in white, and then I coloured everything in. I did want some diversity in it, so I did an Easter egg on my thumb nail and a little sun on my pink nail. Those are very easy to do, so I only filmed the painting of the bunnies.


Then, it’s important to wait until the acrylic paint has fully dried. Otherwise, the top coat might drag out the details, which is not good. So after about 10 minutes, I finally applied top coat to my nails, which finishes off this nail art!






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