NOTD: Grey, orange and glitter


The sun is shining! At least, it’s sunny while I’m writing this. So I hope that’s still the case when I’ll post this 😉

Anyway, glitters always look lovely in sunlight, so I wanted to do a NOTD featuring some glitter. And preferably also a contrast between a soft colour and a really bright one. That was basically as far as my inspiration went, so I just grabbed a dotting tool and a striping brush to make this easy yet hopefully fun pattern 🙂


The nail polish that I used as a base colour is Grey-t To Be Here by Essence. Another one with a fun name, that’s something I always love about Essence nail polishes. This one is pale grey, with tiny orange glitters in it. A soft and neutral colour with something special!

Grey-t To Be Here seems to be a bit more watery than other Essence nail polishes, but that might also be because my bottle is over a year old (I honestly don’t know if they still sell it). In any case, it covers in three layers, although I only used two.



I actually wanted straight orange stripes, but the first one went crooked… So I decided to make them into ‘creative’ stripes. And I actually ended up liking that a lot more!

As soon as the orange (Flashy Pumpkin by Essence had dried, I used a dotting tool to put dots on them. The nail polish I used for that is Glistening Snow by China Glaze. That nail polish doesn’t only have a lot of glitter, it also has some structure so that it really creates a bump on the nail (in a good way).

Then I only added some top coat, and the NOTD was done!






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