NOTD: Metal bubbles


Again, I couldn’t think of any useful theme for a NOTD. So I just grabbed a random nail polish. And some other ones that seemed to fit with it. And also a dotting tool. And then two more dotting tools, otherwise it’d get too simple. After applying base coat and baking French fries (which I also had to do that day), I did this NOTD 🙂


The first nail polish that I grabbed randomly was Rise and Shine by Sinful Colors. Despite the fact that I don’t use this one very often, it is a very pretty nail polish! It has a deep shade of green and very tiny shimmers. Also, it’s easy to apply and covers in two layers.


Dots! Always a good idea for when I don’t have any specific idea in mind 😉 This time, I started on the tips using glitter, and then went on to silver and dark metallic. All three of those nail polishes are from the Velvet Party collection by Playboy, which I bought at a budget store some time ago. Usually, I start out with the darkest colour, but this time I thought it might be fun to use the palest one first.


To finish it off, I added a layer of topcoat. This really was a very quick NOTD to do!






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