Nail art/review: Summer lovin’ in springtime (using Born Pretty Store clear glitters)


Today I have another review for you of a Born Pretty Store item! Seeing as I would do makeup for a fairytale shoot that week, I chose to use a jar of very pretty glitters. Just because it happened to fit the theme (and the nice weather) 😉 The glitters that I used can be found at this page.


The colours of the nail polishes had to be nice and bright, of course, so I started out with two layers of Summer Lovin’ by P2. Which is how this post got its name, obviously 😉 This nail polish is a beautiful shade of pink, with minuscule purple shimmers in it. It covers best in 3 layers, but I chose to only apply 2. After all, I’m going to add more colours on top of it.


Then on to the ombre-look! This time, I used a sponge and 3 different nail polishes for that. The pink shade is the same one as the base colour, the blue one is a nameless Miss Sporty nail polish and the green one is Sally Hansen’s Green With Envy. I really like how suitable these colours are for springtime!




The glitters are in a jar, and I always like to apply such glitters with a fan brush. First, I apply some top coat to the nail, then I use the brush as sort of a spoon and use that to drop glitters onto the nail. Then I carefully press it on there with my finger, and brush off the excess glitter. Then I add another layer of topcoat, and that’s it! Very easy, but I really love the effect it gives. Especially in sunlight!

What I like about these glitters from Born Pretty Store, is how big they are. They really stand out, and it’s obvious that it’s loose glitter. Moreover, they catch every bit of light, yet are still clear enough to show the nail polish colour that’s underneath them. I’ll definitely use these glitters more often!

If you’d also like to try these glitters (or other items from Born Pretty Store), you can get 10% off by using the coupon code FT10K31 🙂







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