NOTD: Purple and silver


This week’s NOTD came to be because I felt like wearing purple nail polish! And it seemed fun to combine that with silver this time, as that happened to be the first one I thought of 😉 .


The purple nail polish that I chose for this NOTD is Break Through by Essence. Which happens to be one of the newer nail polishes in my stash, and one that I use a lot. Purple is one of my favourite colours after all, and this is the exact shade I love the most!

Break Through is easy to apply, as I’m used to with Essence nail polishes, and covers almost perfectly in two layers. If it needs to be completely opaque, though, I recommend using three layers.


As soon as the base colour had dried, I added some silver stripes. It’s easiest to do that with a nail polish that covers well, so I used Leila by Playboy (which I once bought at a budget store), and a striper brush (Ebay). Then I added a clear rhinestone (from Born Pretty Store) onto each silver line.

Then I finished it off with a layer of top coat.




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