Nail art/review: Butterfly nails (using Born Pretty Store water decals) (video)


This week, I’ll show you some beautiful water decals, from Born Pretty Store. All sorts of butterflies, perfect for spring and summer 🙂


For the base colour, I wanted to use grass green. Sky blue would’ve also been cool, come to think of it. In any case, I started out by applying two layers of Pistache by Sinful Colors.



Then on to the water decals! They’re very easy to use, and you can see on the back of the packaging how to apply them. The first time I ever used water decals, I actually managed to apply one upside down… But I guess most people are smart enough not to do that 😉

I really like how much detail is in the butterflies, and how many different ones there are! One thing I prefer about water decals, compared to stickers, is how flat they are on the nails. They’re so thin, that they sort of seem to become one with the nail polish. Because of that, they can stay undamaged for very long.



To finish it up, I added some yellow dots using Lexington Yellow by NYC and a striping brush, and also a layer of top coat. And that was the entire nail art! Quick and easy with these pretty water decals 🙂

If you’re also interested in these water decals, you can find them here at Born Pretty Store. And I also have a coupon code for you with which you can get 10% off at an order there: FT10K31






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