Swatch/review: Essence The Gel Nail Polish ‘Let’s Get Lost’




By now, it’s been available in stores for about a month; the new ‘The Gel Nail Polish’ collection by Essence!

A bunch of colours from the old ‘Colour & Go’ collection have returned in the new collection. And one of those is my favourite nail polish Let’s Get Lost! Which, of course, I’m super happy about, because it’s my all time favourite nail polish. So I bought a bottle of the new Gel Nail polish version, to compare it to the old one. And just because I wanted it 😉

The Gel Nail Polish collection contains nail polishes that are supposed to be like gel nail polish, but without needing a lamp to make them dry. I’d never tried one of such nail polishes before, so I was curious to see how it would look.



On my right hand, I used the old Colour & Go version, and I used the new Gel Nail Polish version on the left. Cameras apparently aren’t made to be used left-handed, so excuse me my weird photos of my right hand 😛

In any case, I don’t see much of a difference between the two versions, although the new one does seem to be slightly greener, and a little less bright. Too bad, I love the colour of the old one. Still, it is a very beautiful colour, I’ll just have to get used to it first.

Other than that, the new version seems a bit more runny, but covers even better than the old one! It dries just as fast, luckily. And Essence still has those nice and bright brushes, so I can do a quick job with applying nail polish. I didn’t do a clean-up, so you can see how nice this brush applies next to the cuticles.


Above, you can see both versions after a morning of cleaning up and walking dogs at the animal shelter. Of course I didn’t apply any top coat, to get a good view of what this nail polish can handle.

Which turns out to be quite a lot! It doesn’t keep completely unharmed, but I didn’t expect that anyway from such a cheap nail polish (around €1,65). But it definitely lasts better than the old version! So I’m happy with it 🙂 And truth be told, even in this new version, I still absolutely love this colour!








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