Nail art: Purple flowers


There are already flowers growing outside, and I felt like painting some flowers on my nails too! Perfect for springtime 🙂


The first nail polish that I used is Vacation Time by Sinful Colors. I wanted a neutral toned background (because it fits well with my newest summer/spring clothes), but I did want it to cover well. So I went for this one. Originally, I bought it because I thought it was ugly, but it actually turns out to look rather nice on the nails!

Vacation Time is easy to apply and covers fully in a single layer. I did apply two layers as usual, since my manicure lasts longer that way.


Then on to the flowers! Those can be any possible colour, and I chose purple and pink. I also wanted some pale flower petals, though, in a pearl colour.

Using a striping brush, I made the flower petals. They’re basically just a circle of stripes, very easy to do. Then I did the centre of each flower using a dotting tool. The nail polishes that I used for all that are Free Hugs (pink), Break Through (purple) and Sparkling Waterlily (pearl) by Essence. For the flower centres I used a purple/pink holo nail polish by Hema.


I gave all of that a few minutes to dry properly before I applied a layer of top coat. And the whole manicure was done in less than half an hour!






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