NOTD: Yellow?! French tips (and pastel dots)


I wanted to do a fun, springtime themed NOTD. And it wasn’t until I had applied the first layer of the yellow nail polish, that I realized that pale yellow might not be the most charming colour for a French manicure… But it is a very nice spring colour, so I decided to just keep it that way 😉DSCN2468


For a base colour, I wanted a fresh yet sheer nail polish. So I chose Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, by Essence. A very pretty one that makes the nails look just a little bit more fresh. And it smells like fruit and candy. Sadly, it is still a bit visible that I had been wearing a blue nail polish before… That’s why I didn’t take a photo with only this nail polish 😉

As soon as that had dried, I started on the French manicure, and did the entire ring finger in yellow. For that, I used a nail polish by Yes Love, with a pastel yellow base and colourful glitters. It’s a beautiful nail polish for springtime, and it comes in a rather big bottle, which is also nice. I can’t remember how much this one cost, but I do know it was cheap. One single downside is that they haven’t been very creative with names; this nail polish is called G11-6.



To make it some more colourful, I added a bunch of dots using four different Essence nail polishes and a dotting tool. The nail polishes are Free Hugs (pink), Upper Green Side (green), That’s What I Mint (blue) and Absolutely Blue (which I still think is more of a lavender shade).

To finish it off, I added some topcoat and then this NOTD was finished!






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