Nail art: Green leaves (video)



This week’s nail art is based on a potted plant! I was looking around for inspiration, and that plant happened to be the first thing I looked at. Its large green leaves have a nice contrast with the burgundy floor in my room, so I decided to make a nail art of that 🙂 I don’t actually know what the plant is called in English, but in Dutch it’s called a lepelplant.


Seeing as I, despite how many nail polishes I have, don’t have any in the same colour as my floor (another excuse to buy more nail polish), I went for an ombre background instead.

First, I applied one layer of Break Through by Essence, a purple colour. And then I sponged the ombre look on top of that, using Break Through and a pink nail polish by P2 which is called Summer Lovin’.


Instead of acrylic paint, I chose to use nail polish for the painting of the leaves! It does give a whole different effect than paint does, although I do find it a bit harder to work with.

The leaves were done with We Rock the Green by Essence. After that, I added highlights using Pistache by Sinful Colors. And I also added some lines in the leaves using Miss Universe by Essence.


Once everything has finally dried, it’s time to add top coat and finish off the manicure!






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1 Response to Nail art: Green leaves (video)

  1. Stunning 🙂 thanks for sharing

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