Nail art/review: Shining Starry Sky nail wraps (from Born Pretty Store)


Born Pretty Store has sent me some really awesome items again, so for the next few weeks I’ll post reviews of those on Friday! This week, I’ll start out with an item that’s basically the easiest way to get a full nail art; nail wraps. These are the Shining Starry Sky wraps, which you can find here 🙂



There are 12 wraps in one set, so there’s some choice between the different sizes. Sometimes, I prefer to only apply a nail wrap to some nails, but this time I decided to do all my nails with these wraps. I really like the look that they have, they’re very shiny and glittery! Above, I did not yet apply any top coat, that’s how the nail wraps look on their own.



The nail wraps from Born Pretty Store can be applied with or without a base coat, and top coat is also a choice. So if you’re really in a hurry, it’s possible to just use the nail wraps on their own, which is very handy!

Applying them is easy. Put the nail wrap on the nail, carefully flatten it onto the nail with a finger and then file off the excess wrap at the tips of the nails. That’s all! No drying time or anything, they’re instantly done. When done that way, they can easily last on the nails for a few days. However, I did apply a base and top coat, to have the wraps last even longer.


I really love how the Shining Starry Sky wraps look, I always like glitter and different colours 🙂 Also, they’re very easy to use, which makes them perfect for those times when I don’t have time to spend ages on a manicure.

If you also want to try these, they can be purchased here. And with the coupon code FT10K31 you can get 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store!


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1 Response to Nail art/review: Shining Starry Sky nail wraps (from Born Pretty Store)

  1. Important: I know you said these can be both used with and without base coat – but which one do you recommend/tried/liked more?
    Hope you reply por favour because I’m about to use mine now ish – I just can’t find any info on base coat. 🙂

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