Nail art: Very simple gold and rhinestone look (video)


This week, I wanted to do a very simple nail art that requires very little time and material. All that’s needed are two gold nail polishes and some clear rhinestones!


The two gold nail polishes that I chose for this look are both by Essence. Their names are Go Bold and My Fortune Cookie, a cool toned gold and a warmer one. It doesn’t really matter which tone goes on first, but I started out with Go Bold because it covers really well. So I first did two layers of that, then I applied My Fortune Cookie to the tips.

It’s best if the second nail polish isn’t a very opaque one, because then it’s easy to do sort of an ombre effect with it. Simply dab it towards the base of the nail with the brush.


I only applied the rhinestones on one single nail, in a sort of triangle shape from the base. For a more eyecatching look, you could also apply them onto all of the nails, but I prefer to have one accent nail with nail arts like these. Moreover, I like to be sparse with rhinestones 😉

Then all there’s left to do is to add some top coat, and the nail art is done!






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